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Poett Nook Marina Campground Rules

  • Check-out time is 1100 a.m.  As check-in time is 1:00 PM , we ask that if you are fishing beyond your check-out time please ensure your campsite is cleared of your personal items so that the next patron can readily occupy the site.
  • Generators are permitted between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. only.
  • Air conditioners, outside radios, MP3 or CD players etc. are allowed between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., however we ask you to be considerate of all the other campers and respect that these things can become irritating. The rest of the campers may not share your taste of music, so please keep the volume low! Remember this is a fishing camp and patrons tend to retire early.
  • Quiet hours are from 10:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m.  No noisy partying will be tolerated. Such disturbances will result in an initial warning from staff. If the warning is disregarded, an immediate eviction from the campground is permitted under B.C. law. Please be mindful of the fact that the person whose name the site is registered in, is held responsible for whatever happens in the site.
  • The only open wood fire allowed is in the designated fire-pit except in “fire season. The curfew is 10:00 p.m. On site open flames which are permitted are barbecues with briquette, gas barbecues, and gas cooking stoves. Gas type patio heaters, insect candles/torches, small propane fire-pits, and screen covered manufactured fire-pits are also permitted.  These must be attended by adults at all times.
  • Parking of vehicle, boat, trailer, and any other personal items must be contained within your site. If site is not large enough, then you must park in staff designated areas at a fee. At no time can your combined parking encroach on roadways or block access to adjoining sites.
  • Garbage: Only bagged garbage (kitchen refuge type) can be deposited in bins provided at top of hill.   Any other type of garbage (old barbecues, pieces of wood or carpet, or other larger pieces) must be taken home by the camper, for disposal.  It is a huge expense for us to have garbage removed from our remote location as we must pay for the mileage as well as the pick-up. We ask for your co-operation in this.
  • Recyclables: Recyclable bottles and cans must be deposited in designated re-cycle containers, located by washrooms and by the ice-shed. Please do not mix garbage with re-cycle items!
  • Raw sewage (black water) and Grey water MUST only be dumped in the sewage disposal locations. The locations are beside site #44 (crossroad), or the Sani-dump at the top of the hill. A sewage cart is available at store for this task.  Under NO circumstances will hoses draining into creeks or ocean be tolerated, as per DFO directives.See enclosed campsite map…or ask! If you're caught disposing grey water anywhere other than our disposal locations it will call for immediate eviction for the season with no refund.   
  • Dogs (and cats)…if you bring your dog…you are to be responsible for your dog!…YOUR DOG MUST BE ON A LEASH AT ALL TIMES!…if your dog needs to exercise, or relieve itself you must take it up the hill on its leash and dispose of its feces in an appropriate manner…(doggy do bags are provided near the washroom area) The lawn area behind the washrooms is NOT a toilet area for pets…it is the only grassy area for children to play.  Dogs must not be left unattended!  Dogs must not be noisy or aggressive.  There are NO exceptions to these rules!  
  • There is to be no fish cleaning in camp sites.  All patrons/Shareholders using designated fish-cleaning tables are responsible for cleaning up after themselves…please ensure blood, slime and scales are cleaned away.   At no time must be there be any fish blood, slime etc. on docks. Please use only the tables to clean your fish. We do not want to attract bears to our sites. Please take all shells, crab and prawn parts back to the cleaning table area for disposal. Do NOT dispose of these things on the beach sites as this attracts bears. and this calls for Immediate eviction for the season with no refund. 
  • Washrooms and showers are to be treated as though they are your own.  Please clean up after yourself.  Please report any messes or expired supplies to staff immediately. Cleaning of washrooms starts at 8:00AM daily.
  • No campsite power source or plug shall be removed or altered without approval from staff member.  Power is limited, and supplied only to designated areas, which are booked on first come basis.
  • No patron can restrict, annoy, or impose on another patron for any reason. Anyone caught stealing, vandalizing property, or acting in an inappropriate manner will be evicted from the property immediately.
  • Parents are responsible for their children both on and off the wharfs.  Please ensure that children clean up after themselves on the docks, be respectful of patrons and particularly, keep safe and wear life jackets on the docks. Please be aware of where and what your children are doing at all times.
  • Fuel: Storage of more than a single 5 gallon day tank will not be allowed on the campsites or vehicles parked therein. Government rules require all fueling of vessel be done at the “Gas Dock”. Persons caught fueling up their boats on the slips with their own jerry cans will be evicted immediately with complete forfeiture of payments made for campsite and moorage!
  • Campsite Occupancy: Our prices are based on an occupancy limit of 4 people per site. Any additional guests are subject to a $4.40 per day charge. 
 Thank you for your time and we hope you enjoy your stay. Poett Nook reserves the right to add or change any of the above as required.



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