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 Welcome to Poett Nook Marina! 

Effective April 23rd until Midnight May 25th, Poett Nook will be closed to everyone with the exception of those whose home address is located in "Island Health."  Those people living in 'Island Health" outside of region two (2) are recommended to not travel.  As the washrooms will be closed until May 25th, only self contained units will be permitted on site.

If you are in the required Health Authority you will be allowed to reserve with members of your family living in the same household (must have same address on ID), or if you live alone you will be permitted 2 people (the same 2 each time) that are in your circle.

Small price increases will come into effect on October 1, 2021.






Your Number One Source For Barkley Sound Fishing!

Located in beautiful Barkley Sound on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, Poett Nook has long been the destination point of choice for those wishing to enjoy the many natural wonders of the “West Coast”. If you desire to fish for all species of salmon, fight a monster Halibut, Prawn, Crab, have a base for you to Kayak, or just exploring the sound and relaxing in your campsite, then Poett Nook is the place to be.  To make a reservation, please click here.


You can reach Poett Nook Marina & Campground, by way of water or gravel logging road from the town of Port Alberni, BC.  Our new “state of the art” marina is capable of holding up to 140 vessels in the range of 12’ and up and the Campground has over 130 campsites to choose from.

Please cruise through our user friendly website to find out more about this beautiful location and to reserve your spot to see first hand, the glories of the West Coast of Vancouver Island.  


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