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Please note that Poett Nook Marina & Campground functions on a pay as you go system.  That is you will pay for everything you buy when you buy it.  Unfortunately we can no longer allow charges to an account for payment at the end of your stay. Further, you will be required to pay the balance of your campground and moorage charges for your full stay upon arrival on site. We thank you for your understanding on this matter.  Please bring cash for your small purchase items if you could - Thank you *
 A 50% deposit is required upon making your reservation.

(all pricing is subject to applicable taxes)



(includes shower priviledges)

Daily rate: $51.00 includes power

  • Based on 4 people max
  • $4.40 per night for each additional person
  • Upper Level group sites (A,B,and C) $97.00 per night  


Nightly Charges: $97.65 for 1-2 and $127.00 for 3-4 people
2+ Nights: $86.00 for 1-2 and $115.50 for 3-4 people


Poett Nook currently has a limited number of "Seasonal Sites" available in the campground.
Seasonal sites can be occupied from May 15th through September 30th each year. Earlier or
later occupation will be simply charged out on the daily rates.

Seasonal Hydro rate:  $450.00 Note: Rate is for 1 "Duplex outlet- 2 plugs" Additional plug-ins will be charged as per the seasonal rate
Here are our seasonal rates for the following sites:

Sites 1-10 $1,988.00
Sites 11-26 $2,330.00
Sites 27-34 $1,988.00
Sites 35-44 $1,758.00
Sites 45-63 $1,906.00
Sites 65-80 $1,697.00

Upper Level $1,529.00 (for single sites)
For additional information on reserving a seasonal campsite at Poett Nook Marina, please go to our Contact Us page to get in touch with a Poett Nook Representative.



Daily rate:

$1.30 per foot, of overall length, per day (No rafting allowed)
$4.40 per day per each person sleeping on board
$10.50 launch fee (if applicable)

Monthly (if available):

$1.05 per foot, of overall length, per day (No rafting allowed)


Vessels up to 20' in overall length - $740.00
Vessels from 20' - 24' in overall length - $967.00
Vessels over 25' overall length - $967.00 plus $54.60 per each additional foot
$4.40 per day for each person sleeping on board


Dates of occupancy are May 15th to September 30th. Daily rates will apply to other dates of usage.



Kayak Launching

$5.25 to launch per Kayak


Vehicle Parking

April 1st through September 30: $6.50 per day or $125.00 per Month

October 1st through March 31st: $2.00 per day or $60.00 per Month

Yearly rate: $600.00


Boat and Trailer Storage and Electrical

Vessels up to 24 feet in length - October 1st through May 15th -$75.00 per month, 7.5 months  = $562.50.

Vessels larger than 24 feet- October 1st through May 15th - $100.00 per month, 7.5 months = $750.00

Trailers - October 1st through May 15th  - $100.00 per month, 7.5 months = $750.00 per trailer. 

Plus a $400.00 electrical fee.


Ice: $4.00 per bag
Fish Freezing: $3.00 per fish                                                                                                                                                                                                

WIFI:  $3.00 Daily: 15.00 per week or $25 per month. Seasonal (180 Days) $125.00 for 3 devices.

Dog Fee:  $4.00 per day or $120.00 per season per dog

Loading/unloading vessels - $10.50

Removal of electrical cords from outlets is not allowed.  Please bring a 50' extension cord

If you have any additonal questions about pricing or to reserve a campsite at Poett Nook Marina, please see our Contact Us page, or use our Reservation Request page.


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