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Poett Nook Cancellation Policy

 Poett Nook Marina & Campground is located some 62 kilometres (approx. 40 miles) down a gravel road from the City of Port Alberni, BC. Due to this fact, we have a difficult time in replacing the lost revenue from a client that does not show up on their reserved date(s). We are also very popular in the summer
months and have to turn people away on a regular basis.

 Following is our cancellation policy. 

* During any season, if you give us a full forty five (45) days notification of cancelling your reservation, we will refund your full deposit.

* Any other cancellation or not showing up will be a complete forfeiture of your deposit.

* Early departures from Campsite or Marina will not be refunded.

* If after you have made an initial reservation, you decide to change your dates, we will attempt to re- book.  A fee of $50.00 (fifty) will be charged for this service. Obviously this will apply to changes made with less than forty five (45) days to original reservation date.

Poett Nook Marina & Campground has had to implement these procedures due to the number of cancellations or "no shows" during our busy months that give little or no time to replace lost revenue. This is frustrating especially after we have turned other clients away.

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